JOIN the Le Mans Team! Recruiting for Le Mans 2013

Two super enthusiastic TOYOTA Racing fans have passed a series of
interviews and selected as official supporters after competing with candidates from over 30 countries.

They have brought special reports from the 24 hours of Le Mans, including crew interviews and photos etc.

24 hoursof Le Mans

24 hoursof Le Mans Photos 3-Day Special Report

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Explanation of the Outline About The team is looking for 2 new crew!

The team is looking for Two new crew members!

To challenge for victory at Le Mans 2013, TOYOTA Racing is recruiting new crew members.
Two new positions are open for enthusiastic candidates with the passion it takes to motivate the team.
The two new additions are expected to encourage the team with their passion and knowledge.

Application closed. Thank you for your support!

  • ・Have an iron will to win Le Mans with the team.
  • ・Show the world the beauty of the TOYOTA TS030 HYBRID

The aim of this campaign is to invite selected participants to watch the Le Mans 24-hour endurance race.
There will be no labor contracts with Toyota-related enterprises.

The travel expenses for Le Mans as well as accommodations will be provided to the winners.
For more details, please refer to terms & conditions.

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Required Skills for the COOL candidate:
A person with a logical mindset and the knowledge and
communication skills necessary to tell the
world about TOYOTA Racing's latest technologies and the
innovation coming tomorrow...

  • ・Clear English and strong presentation skills
  • ・Deep knowledge of hybrid technology
  • ・Wide knowledge of Le Mans and strong skills in race analysis
  • ・Friendly and practical user of social media

Required Skills for the HOT candidate:
A passionate person to tell the world about the power and
smooth performance of the TOYOTA TS030 HYBRID.

  • ・Strong presentation skills as a passionate
    'nonverbal' communicator
  • ・Deep affection for the team members
  • ・Friendly and practical user of social media
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Apply via this site.
*Applications accepted in English only.
(require Google+ account)

The team will make the first-round

DATE 2/15 2/28

Selected candidates will be interviewed
and asked to make presentations via
video chat (Google+ Hangouts).

The presentations will be streamed
live to the public!

Two winners will be selected live .
(one from each category)

DATE 3/18

The selected persons will receive
tickets to Le Mans.

For more details, please refer to
terms & conditions.

DATE 6/21 6/23
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